Site Policy

Purpose of this Website provided by Interarm Ltd. is to release corporate information and services. Please read and understand the policy below before you enter this site.

■Handling Personal information

1.Collect, use and provide of personal information.
In collection of personal information, Interarm Ltd. explains the collection purpose to a visitor, limits the use range of personal information, and deals with it appropriately.
2.Respect one's rights
Interarm Ltd. corresponds appropriately when the right of the individual about personal information is respected and it is able to ask for an indication, correction, and deletion about the personal information.
3.Safety measurement
Interarm Ltd. implements its policy of handling personal information to prevent personal information flows into external and altered unfairly.
The data collected through the inquiry are strictly managed within Interarm Ltd. The acquired information does not indicate to a third party at any reason. However, when there is a lawful request from bureaucrat organization such as the court and the police department, information may disclose.

■Setting for this Website

1.Browser tested
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This Website contains Flash contents on the top page. You need Macromedia Flash Player 6 or higher for properly auditting the contents.
3.Java Script
This Website uses Java Script and CSS. Interarm Ltd. recommends you enable Java Script on your PC for the best view.


All documents, pictures, illustrations and design on this Website are protected its copyright by Interarm Ltd. Reproduction, duplication and distribution of any contents of this Website are prohibited except for the case that Copyright Act Sets permit.


When linked to this site, please inform Interarm Ltd. of URL of the management subject of the site of a linking agency, the purpose of a link, and the page of a linking agency etc. in advance. Please link to top page of this Website in principle.

■Exemption from responsibility

Interarm Ltd. does not take responsibility on any Website other than this site or service that are linked from this site. The visitor(s) should judge contents of this site's accuracy and validity by yourself and Interarm Ltd. does not take any responsibility.